The country is full of inspiring women. All the posts on Queen of the High Street are honest, plain and written by people who admire somebody else’s efforts.

If you’d like to contribute, we’re looking for about 300-500 words, written in a light and friendly style, with a picture or two to go with them.

You don’t have to be a great writer – you just have to be inspired enough to want to write. We’ll edit all submissions. Thank you for joining in.




  1. Tom

    A couple of years ago i had the pleasure of meeting a young girl Morgan Mcglynn in her cheese shop in the heart of Muswell Hill, once a Unloved small shop ticking over is the village like settings of Muswell Hill, she has breathed new life in to this beautiful little cheese shop! Making it a weekly essential in our household, constantly bringing new products, local suppliers and offering tasting all weekend! She even stocks a Chutney Made on my road. It is refreshing to see a young women thriving in a very difficult time for the high street and constantly coming up with new and exciting idea to attract people to the local area. She is an asset to Muswell Hill and the community! I think this young Women is an inspiration, and is defiantly the Queen of our High street!

  2. Love this! Will put something together this week. Would love to get a a little mention about the shop. Worthing needs more inspiring women.

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